Hiring a Professional Muralist Los Angeles Firm: Top Tips

You need a muralist to create wonderful murals for kids in your school. Although you know that almost every artist can create murals, you would prefer a mural painter Los Angeles that specializes in children’s artwork. You want school children to be fascinated by the murals but still learn something from the designs. Hiring the services of a professional mural artist Los Angeles firm is a good choice for high quality murals. 

However, finding a good mural artist can be a little difficult; nevertheless, we’ve created a short guide that should prove helpful.

Listed below are a few aspects to consider before short listing a particular muralist.

  • Reputation 

Good muralists are well known in the art community. You can check with local art galleries, art critics, art forums, and even art magazines to find emerging artists that specialize in murals. Interior design firms may also known artists that specialize in children's murals or murals for kids. You can evaluate their work and then hire a good muralist to suit your needs. 

  • Professional vs. Private 

A professional muralist Los Angeles firm or interior design firm will have years of experience in designing, implementing and putting up a murals. Big firms will complete the work quickly, but individual artists bring their own individual quirks and design sensibilities into the artwork.

If you want a unique mural that has value as an artwork, it's a good idea to hire an individual artist. If you want a painting that will cover a wall with no investment value, you can hire,a large graphic design firm to do the work at an affordable price.

  • Cost

The cost for murals will vary quite a lot across the board. Cheap or expensive is not an accurate judge of how the artwork will look. Most artists or professional firms are willing to negotiate on the price if you can provide a steady volume of work, if you promote the work and provide credit.

  • Style

If you already have a particular design in mind, it is a good idea to let the artist know upfront. They just have to translate the idea into a design for the mural, and it saves time and effort. If you want a personalized design, that will take inspiration and time. For example, artists like Gaia and Nanook specialize in street art styles combined with traditional muralism on neighborhood buildings. However, traditional muralists like Diego River have created one-of-a-kind murals in the past, which quickly became a sign of the changing cultural and social times in Mexico City.

Muralists from professional firms or independent muralists will both do a good job for your project. Yes, the price and timeline will vary. Professional firms will work faster as they will have many artists working on your project. However, due to this same reason, they will charge you more. Private and emerging artists on the other hand will charge you a lesser amount, but they will take time to complete the project as they work alone.

In the end, the choice is yours


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